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Saturday, August 28, 2010


I just thought over my finances a bit, it seems I might have enough money for a road trip around april next year. Which is rather convenient seeing the weather is a lot better in Europe by then. Also, if I file in my tax returns by that time I'll get my money somewhere around June, which is hopefully in the middle of my roadtrip!

A little summary of my situation;
monthly income: ~€600
Monthly expenses: ~€100 (living @ your parent's is a pre :D)
Months till april: 7
500 x 7 = 3500
cost of getting a driver's license: €1500
Trusty 'ol Bus for roadtrippin purposes: €3000 (/2, cos there's a mate coming with me :D)

So I guess my pocket money is around €500 Eh, I'm gonna need some extra income fast!
But I guess I'll manage, right?!

I sure hope so...


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  2. you should totally travel. the stories are worth more than any material item you can buy with the same money.

  3. i pooped by here :)

  4. Lovin the advice, I am offering some as well

  5. sounds cool bro will be back soon!

    check me out+return the favor!

  6. Love your blog man. Im following you /b/ro. Add and CLICK me please! I click my followers at least once a day.

  7. Yo, I "checked out" your anon blog and am following it! "Check out" mine too!

  8. Cool blog. Just followed you and will be coming back daily to check it out. Hope you can do the same for my blog.

  9. u just might make it....

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  11. Hey I just visited all of your blogs and they're awesome! Also did my round for the day and things are lookin good! Keep it up!